Why Do Kickers Always Get The Boot?

Akers Field Goal Attempt A Farce
Akers Field Goal Attempt A Winner!

Pun intended, but I’m not laughing. In fact,  I am ranting now. To you poor people, because y’all are incredible listeners, and I haven’t figured out a way to rant directly to the 49er’s coaching staff. Yet.

A place-kicker has a crappy day (maybe two) and it’s “Sorry, you’re fired”.  And suddenly, Mr. newly hired Kicker appears from out of the NFL’s kicker’s pool. Do they really think that is where the better kickers come from? Are they thinking at all?

Our awesome leg man, David Akers, who helped get the 49ers to the playoffs 2 years in a row,  and tied the NFL record with a 63-yard field goal, could be replaced by a kicker that has never played with the 49er’s before this week’s playoff game. I’m sure Billy Cundiff is a good kicker. But David Akers is OUR kicker, dammit!  David has saved the 49er’s ass many more times than he didn’t. And yet, it’s all his fault for us not beating the Rams.

Seriously? Are the 49er’s management staff watching the games? Well I am, and they should be aware of the following:

David Akers has NEVER, EVER:

  • Thrown an interception
  • Dropped the ball
  • Fumbled the ball
  • Missed catching the ball
  • and, the most important never in my book – Been flagged for a penalty.

None of our “star” players can say that.

And yet, they will fire David, because it’s all his fault. How convenient for our receivers, tight-ends, corners and QBs. They won’t have to worry about their place on the team. Well… Alex Smith may worry considering the franchises loyalty issues of late.

David won’t be the first kicker to go like this, and probably not the last.

Watch out Billy Cundiff – you’re next …