Please, Take It Back!!

Dear Mr. Gates,

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but somebody has to. Maybe you will listen to me because I am a computer technician who has worked a lot with various Windows Operating Systems.


Let me count the ways…

  1. The new Start Menu is ridiculous.  Your desktop is one of the boxes called “tiles”.  They are buttons that must be clicked on my laptop.
  2. I wont use half of the “tiles”, yet I cannot edit the menu to remove them from sight. I may not have found the correct place to accomplish the task, and who’s fault is that?
  3. Speaking of finding things… Where is the damn user manual that needs to be sent out with each new Windows 8 OS?? Because it certainly was not in the box with my new laptop.
  4. The “Quick Start Guide” was well named. It had 8 languages and 5 steps (no photos, no directions)
  5. You can’t fool me, this OS was designed for a smart phone. Not my dumb laptop, I assure you.
  6. If a computer technician is really pissed off about an OS, imagine how your  non-technical users are feeling…

I’m begging you, please make OS 8 for a laptop/desktop. Writers (at least this one) need consistent functionality way more than we need “Cool”.


Jodi Lea; author of  Not Pretending (to be sane)


Windows 7 =  Windows 7   Windows 8 =  Win  8

7 thoughts on “Please, Take It Back!!

  1. I think our school district is about to switch over to Windows 7, which I thought was kind of foolish now that there is an 8. But maybe we are smart after all. I use a Mac at home, so I haven’t had the pleasure of trying either one yet.


    1. Windows 7 is a different animal than XP, but it grows on you quickly. Now I’m thinking fondly about my 1st computer at home, which was a MAC. I understood that little computer!


  2. Bravo! I hate Windows 8 so much that I rarely use my new computer. I don’t need the kind of self-doubt that comes with not knowing how to shut down my computer.


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