Winter Returning (to the Western Slope of the Sierras)

The crazy mid-February warm up will come to an end this week. Say good-bye to temperatures in the low 60’s.  Sunny skies will be bright and blue until President’s Day evening, and snow (and snow) through Tuesday and maybe Wednesday.

Whoa! I sound like a weather girl on TV, don’t I?  😉

At first our local weather folks were saying 1″ accumulation at the most. Now we are looking at 4 to 6 inches expected down to 2000 feet.  This is a big deal. Especially when you live at 4080 feet. I see soup, homemade bread, and a blazing fire to quilt by.

Yesterday we stacked firewood because the garage rack was empty. Going out into the snow to get firewood is dumb. Besides, this gives the spiders the chance to get indoors by hitching a ride on the log express. Heaven forbid they would freeze to death.

We had the pest control service do inside and outside before Thanksgiving weekend. The day we returned to our home sweet home, we found a spider here, a spider there just like before we left. Apparently, the organic kid and pet safe chemicals are spider safe as well.

How did I get so distracted by spiders? Sorry.  I was talking about the weather. I  am excited to see more snowfall. But then I am new up here and not sick of it like everyone else up here seems to be.  I hope we are snowed in so I can’t get to my dental appointment on Weds. I just know Doc will find problems – he always does, and we aren’t talking cavities either.  Neither side of my family had good teeth.

Now you know why I’m not the weather girl on TV. I tend to drift about. Ha! (Get it?)

Anyway, I will try to get some decent photographs to post later on this week. I may have to post from my phone. The power is usually the first thing to go belly up when a storm hits. That will totally screw my soup and bread fantasy, so I hope this is not the case.

Well, that’s all the Calaveras County news from me today. It’s all I know about and it’s time for my nap…


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