Searching For Perfection



Dearest Reader,  please forgive any blurry headers, sidebar alterations, weird colors and fonts you may find here. These changes will be temporary, and the next time you visit it will probably look different – again. Not Pretending (to be sane)  is “under construction” for an unknown amount of time. I have trouble making decisions. Especially decisions that involve me personally, like this blog.

Not Pretending  is my “baby” and I want it to look perfect. Easy on the eyes, professional – yet fun. I don’t even know if that’s possible, but it’s what I’m going to strive for. Tonight’s new theme is pretty. Maybe too pretty and sane for me…

That being said, I plan to keep writing and even posting, if I write something worthy. No promises though. My multitasking skills have begun to deteriorate since I retired 7-months ago. And next week I’ll be out-of-town with hubby’s family, so I may not post. Then again, family can be quite entertaining at times.  Winking smile

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