March Madness?

February is over.

Sooo…  I have put together the official March observances to keep us (myself and you, dear readers), in-the-know. March is another observance-full month – even with the religious holidays omitted. It’s not that I’m being politically correct here. I figure the religious among us already know when they are, and the non-religious don’t want to be reminded they may be going to Hell.


March 2013 Observances

Mar 8:  International Women’s Day

Mar 10:  Daylight Savings Time Begins

Mar 14:  World Kidney Day

Mar 17:  St. Paddy’s Day

March 18–22:  National Youth Violence Prevention Week

National Association of SAVE:

March 20:  National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Awareness & Education: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project:

or National Native American AIDS Prevention Center:

March 22:  World Water Day

RC International Water and Sanitation Centre:

March 26 (fourth Tuesday in March):  American Diabetes Alert Day

American Diabetes Association:

March 27:  Kick Butts Day

Campaign for Tobacco–Free Kids:

March 30:  National Doctor’s Day

American Red Cross Month

American Red Cross, National Headquarters:

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain Injury Association of America:

Hemophilia Month

National Hemophilia Foundation:

National Colorectal Awareness Month

Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation:

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

The Arc of the United States:

National Eye Donor Month

EBAA, Eye Bank Association of America:

National Kidney Month

National Kidney Foundation:

National Nutrition Month

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

National Poison Prevention Month

Poison Prevention Council:

American Association of Poison Control Centers:

 National Professional Social Work Month

National Association of Social Workers: