Let’s Make A Deal. Or Not.

Paperwork Mountian

It’s been an exciting week around here.  And yes, I’m being facetious.

I’m cleaning out  files and shredding our personal documents. The second 52-gallon trash bag is 1/3 full of shredding’s, and I’ve only cleaned out the top drawer of our old 4-drawer filing cabinet.

And now, Monty, let’s tell our audience what was inside drawer #1!

Court documents – AND their copies in triplicate. It took me two days to sort through 2 sets of divorce papers and the (seemingly mandatory) annual custody/child support hearings. Can you believe we had 16-years of that crap and nobody died?

But wait!   That’s not all that was hiding in the humongous drawer #1…  Door_1

Tax files and canceled checks dated back to 1989. Multiple copies of Birth and Death Certificates of family members and their personal papers.  Hubby’s report cards from grade school through college. Military records. Parts list for a 1986 Jeep. Go figure.

I was so excited to get the crap papers shredded up this afternoon, and be able to see the carpet in my office, until I realized that Monty had drawer #2 waiting for me in the garage.


So, tune in next week to find out what’s behind drawer #2!
photo credit: debaird™ via photopin cc