Apology From Your Neighbor…

Dear Understanding and Tolerant Neighbor;

Thank you for not calling our County Sheriff, or other authorities last night.

I realize that the blood curdling screams, sounds of breaking glass and miscellaneous violence, may have caused you some concern. Please rest assured that no murders or evil mayhem was going on here – just a 3-year old not getting her way.

Don’t Let This Sweet Face Fool You!

Most of the time she gets her way – after all, this is grandma’s house.  There are times, however, that her wishes cannot be granted. She is OK with that, as long as she is not tired. If, she’s had a very long day and then can’t have whatever it is she wants, there is a high probability of  nuclear meltdown. Although no radiation gets released, it is very loud. And, it isn’t pretty.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. This “phase” doesn’t usually last more than a few months (-per Pediatrician).


Your neighbor at the end of the road.