Independence Day

A summer re-blog. Too busy celebrating being an American with my family!
Jodi Lea

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Declaration of Independence235 years ago this week, our forefathers signed and sent off our Declaration of Independence to the King of England. Wow. Besides being wise and brave, those dudes were total shit disturbers, weren’t they?

I’m so proud to be an American! Oh sure, I go off on a rant now and then because I miss the Norman Rockwell like America. That was how America felt to me when I was a kid.

As I grow older and more disillusioned, America feels different now, but it’s not her fault.

Blame the politics and the party infighting. The wheeling and dealing with interest groups. The scandals. Our forefathers were most likely involved with all the above, but they escaped the scrutiny of CNN, The Evening News, and Larry King.

Americans need to grow up and focus on what is important. If you don’t know what that is you should read this Declaration…

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