Why I Believe …

                  [Weekly Writing Challenge: The Best Medicine]

"Super Chick"
Just One of Super Chick’s Missions

Unless you went to Southeast Missouri State between 1977-1979, and lived in the North Tower, on the 3rd floor – odds are you haven’t seen this superhero before.


Although she looks more like a villain here, ‘Super Chick’ is known for her unique sense of humor and creative thinking. She was critical to my (and a number of other introverted girls) health and sanity, especially during mid-terms and final exam season.

S.C. would be in her room studying, as most of us were, and would suddenly slam her book shut, jump up and yell “I’ve had enough!” The entire 3rd floor became silent, anxious for what would come next. It was very eerie, because a floor that housed 24 women is NEVER silent.

One tense pre-final evening, S.C. declared that we needed to re-connect with our inner-child. She drove us to a public park. In our pajamas. That, was how faithfully we followed her. S.C. was our guru of laughter and we could not help ourselves. She never barked orders or forced us, she would simply declare something and we were on board because she made it sound so Right.

So… that night we swung on the swings, climbed the jungle-gym and slid down the slides. Over and over. And we laughed like loonies until our sides ached. We were there maybe 45-minutes before returning to the dorm.

We slept like the dead, then got up the next morning and aced our exams. Coincidence? I think not. Even S.C.’s roommate earned a 3.98 GPA, and a place on the Dean’s list (his good list this time).

Thank you, Super Chick!

Look for humor in everything – find it, then give it away. It’s only funny when you share it with someone.