What’s Next?

A Guest Post by Susan

Well, after 43 years of marriage, you’d think I’d know what to expect.

I am a golf widow 5 days a week, sounds great, but he’s up at 4am to tee off at dawn and home by 10 am about the time my day is beginning, otherwise known as NO TIME TO MYSELF! It’s OK, I’ve adjusted. What I have not gotten used to is what he brings home at 6am!

One time an escaped dog, I had to find it’s owner while he went back to finish his game.

Another time it was an injured rabbit which I had him put in a box and cover so I didn’t have to face the bunny while I drove him to the humane society so he could recover?! And yes, he went back to finish his golf game.

Next time, he woke me up with an injured duck, seems he just crash landed on a green and couldn’t walk, this time he didn’t go back to his game cause someone had to keep the duck from struggling to get up while I drove to the humane society so he could get fixed!

The last time he surprised me early in the morning with a towel full of eggs (duck eggs) he found and was worried they were exposed! I asked him what he wanted, an omelet? Of course he was offended, I called the humane society to find out what we should do with them. I’m sure you would have done what they suggested, ‘PUT THEM BACK!’  After some discussion and protesting, he put them back.

I’m waiting to see what’s next…

Anybody need a bleeding heart golfer?

One thought on “What’s Next?

  1. This made me laugh. It’s funny unless you’re the one being roused in the wee hours I suppose. Maybe he’ll find a million dollars or some homemade banana walnut pancakes or a summer home you can adopt :).


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