Something You Don’t See Everyday

If only I had my camera!

But I did not. I never take a camera to a doctors appointment. A two-hour drive down the mountain to Modesto. Highway 4 to Farmington, left on Escalon Bellota Road.  A lot of cattle, sheep and turkey farms on that part of Hwy 4.  A revolting smelly stretch of highway, depending on wind direction. Otherwise rather boring.

Or so I thought…

Anyway, we saw it on our way home from Modesto. It had rained and snowed most of the day and we looked forward to a warm cozy fire, and sitting in our living room, watching weather from inside. On Highway 4, we drove through the (what I call the Mr. Toads Wild Ride section), and were making pretty good time, until traffic slowed down to a stop. Oh No! What was this?

A white truck with flashing yellow lights had pulled over to the edge of the highway and sat there. Up ahead, a police car crawled along the road so slowly that we couldn’t tell if it was moving or not. When we passed the white truck, it had ANIMAL CONTROL printed on the side.

That meant an animal was involved somehow. But, we couldn’t see any animals on the road. And why weren’t the animal people doing something? Why was a cop leading the way? When we inched up closer to the police car, we saw a young bull trotting along the road – between the cattle fence and the law.

He hadn’t a care in the world. Just out for a pleasant stroll in between rains. The flashing blue, red and yellow lights did not faze him. Obviously, he had no clue he was busted.

We watched this go on for awhile, then saw the young traveler take a sharp left turn and cross the street. The cop turned his car perpendicular to  the road and bleated the siren for a second. The bull turned and ran the way it came from, along the opposite side of the road. Mr. Policeman once more began keeping pace with him.

“He’s trying to herd the bull with his car!” I squealed. This would go viral on YouTube, if I had a camera to record it. Dammit!

Now that the cop car was inching along the other side of the road, we were able to continue down the highway. We were still talking about the little bull when we noticed that a police car, then soon after, a sheriff’s car passed by, heading for the cow pastures behind us. Weird, we thought. Our county is large and there are many tiny towns in it. Rarely do you see two law enforcement vehicles in one day. So… when 2 more police cars, going the same direction, passed by, hubby and I found this very suspicious.

I have a feeling there is going to be a policeman’s BBQ this week-end.   😉

One thought on “Something You Don’t See Everyday

  1. Golly, I hope he got home safe. Once in the middle of this barren desert, I saw a cow/bull that had been hit by the side of the road in an area where I have never seen anything live, sadly it had not survived the collision!


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