Day’s Two & Three: Graduation & Reality

Congraduations  Yesterday, I graduated!!
My doctor sent me off with her blessings, after I completed the last class.  It was exhausting. So much information, tips and rules to learn. I can call Maureen or my doctor’s office if things come up, but I HATE to do that. Not because I’m afraid to bother them, but because I am stubborn and prideful.

If my blood sugars stay high after walking and a lunchtime bonus insulin, I need to call Maureen and find out if I should increase my hourly dose. I was running low yesterday and it was decreased. Now I’m high (Oh, how I wish!). The last couple hours of scrubbing floors should warrant as exercise, as well as this morning’s walk. Right?

Apparently yes.

Wow. my BS (take that any way you like), is now 113. A good BS to have, but not when you still have 3-units of insulin on board. Since I did the math and the pump matched it, everything should be cool. The problem here is that I am human and how bodies work varies. Today, mine put off using the exercise factor until hours later than normal.  Now I must call Maureen and ask her if I need to stop my hourly insulin, while the other gets out of my system.

:-{  Dammit!

P.S. Maureen said “yes” stop it for 1/2 hour if I was low again. But I was not. And here I was starting to look forward to that cupcake…


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