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EricsLeverHarpBach’s Prelude in C-major, played on a Lever Harp,  by my cousin Eric, was posted to Facebook by his brother (my other cousin) Luke. And, because we are “friends”, as well as cousins, I got to play the video.

This was a surprise. I totally forgot he plays that instrument. Eric plays so many different ones that I can’t keep up. The entire Steitz branch(s) of the family tree has incredible musical ability.  I, alas, am not from that talented branch.

I play the iPod Nano these days, and I’m cool with that. I did play the piano in my youth, but the only keyboards my fingers bang on now belong to computers.

I feel remiss that I have not been frequenting YouTube, Facebook, and other sources of my families music. I get all caught up in my mind and the “little things” are pushed aside so I can get stuff done. I’m wound tighter than rattlesnake – so I’ve been told.

But – today, I stopped. I closed my eyes. I cleared my mind.  And LISTENED.

Really listened.  And when it ended, I listened four more times.
The harp music did what 3 kinds of depression/anxiety/sleep medications that I’m on didn’t do.  It made me feel relaxed.

Maybe that is why the angels play…

Thanks Cuz!

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