It’s The Waiting That’s A Virtue

After moving into our new house in 2012, I can finally unpack the boxes of files, books, documents and office supplies. As you can see, things were getting claustrophobic in my little office.

What the photos do not show is that my computer monitor sits on a piece of plywood, between two filing cabinets, that are not the same height, so there are four blocks of wood under the right side.


Back Wall Area

I can’t work in a messy office very well. It’s that way in my kitchen too. I have to clean up and do dishes, before I can start making a brand new mess.ย  After using this desk & office you can imagine how nice it is to ‘go to work’ now ๐Ÿ˜‰

My “new” office has gorgeous oak filing cabinets, bookshelves, and a custom-built desk. I am loving it! I want to get back to work, but I must put things away first. [I could not help myself this afternoon, so I took a break to write this post and let y’all know why I’m not posting so much right now.]

The only issue I foresee is the fact that I’m not even half-way unpacked and running low on filing cabinet space. I suppose that I could put a lot of things into binders and on the book shelves, but I have a ton of reference materials and books to put away.


I am trying NOT to panic. I don’t have a deadline to be moved in. Our two guest rooms are stuffed full of boxes for me to go through and organize one by one.ย  There are no guests scheduled to arrive in the next month, so I do have time.

Who knows? Maybe there are still some files I can toss. Maybe I could let go of old files stuffed with ideas and the beginnings of a few new novels and short stories, but I doubt that will happen. Some of them I’ve had since I was twelve years old. (And that’s a hella long time!)

Hubby has a storage basement under his shop if things get out of IMG_1221hand. Or, I could sneak some things out into our new cabinets in the garage…

Somewhere on this property, my stuff will get put away.

I. Have. Spoken.

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