Friday Excuses

Apologies all around for not spreading Thursdays Tid-Bits & Giggles.

It was like Friday the 13th came a day early here. Bad news all around. I’ll spare you the sad details, and I can only hope that today is like most of my Friday the 13th’s – a great day.  I’m sort of backasswards* that way.

I sure could have used some giggles myself. This makes me feel guilty about not giving any out. Someone may have looked for a good giggle yesterday and I failed them.  😦

I did get a giggle last night – right before midnight. I was reading my email and scrolling through Facebook  posts from family and friends. And there it was!


Thank you, thank you, Luke and Jo!  I went to bed with a much lighter heart.  I miss you guys!



* back ass wards: adjective, a way of being backwards or opposite from the norm.  [From the Dictionary of Words that Should Exist]

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