Meet & Greet at Swiss Star Farms

1-year old female (crappy photographer)

Hope y’all had as happy of a weekend as I did!  (You probably didn’t though, because mine involved granddaughters and puppies, and unless you had those 2 things going for you, then you didn’t.)   Sorry.

I had a MAJOR ‘dog-fix’ visiting Bobbie at Swiss Star Farms in Grass Valley, CA.  I had three of her dogs fighting over me, each wanting to be first in line to be cuddled and get their ears rubbed. Each was more gorgeous than the next. I have to admit that I want my dog to be beautiful, way beyond the puppy stage. Does that make me a “dog-snob”?  I only had the camera on my phone, so these photos in no way do the happy trio any justice.

Young female & Mom Catching some shade and water.

The three dogs I met on Friday had a combined weight of 500 pounds, and yet, somehow, they believed they were lap-dogs. I’m not a dog-whisperer, but I have a lap, and those three ‘puppies’ were determined to use it. That’s a lot of love. A furry, lovable, herd of teddy bears who forget their mannerly ways when visitors arrive to see them.  I was enthralled. It had been a long time since I was near any large dogs, so of course I immediately forgot their names in all the excitement.  Once each one got some attention, they settled down next to our chairs to enjoy our doting over them, while we chatted with Bobbie about them, and their linage.

Bobbie sent us off with an 8-page questionnaire to fill out and return to her. I have filled out shorter forms applying for a security clearance. Breeders are very serious about who they entrust to adopt their puppies. I find this comforting, rather than annoying. (Security Clearance forms will always be annoying, however.)

Bernese Mountain Dogs (referred to as ‘BMDs’ from now on, cause I’m too tired to type ‘Bernese Mountain Dog’  constantly), are beautiful, smart and sweet dogs. They are a large and strong breed, a hearty ‘working dog’ class, originally from Bern, Switzerland. They are trained to herd livestock, pull carts, and wagons. They are also instinctively protective of their family members.

Once you adopt one, no other breed will do.

“500 pounds?” my dog-less friends ask. “That means dogs weighing 166 pounds each!”

I just smile in response.  They have no idea.


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  1. You are getting a puppy? I’ve never had a Berner, but known a few cant imagine a smaller dog couldn’t fit the bill, but then, you’ve never had a poodle or Yorkie! Got the word out to the Berner rescue in AZ that you are looking for one, so let me know if you get one in the meanwhile. BTW, the interrogation should be at least that tough for people wanting children.


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