Tid-Bits & Giggles Thursday

Since I can use some giggles to cheer up this awful week, I set forth last  small__doveFlyingnight in search of something worthy to share with my awesome readers.

Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the headache from the half-assed pain meds that are NOT working on the PAIN in my jaw, because I have not found one thing to make me smile, forget giggling. Bah Humbug. Or whatever the equivalent is in the summertime.

Then, my wonderful  sis-in-law, sends me a link last night. I have to share this with you!  It may not get you giggling, but this tid-bit will amaze you. His name is Darcy Oakes and this is his audition for Britain’s Got Talent:



Have a ‘magical’ weekend!

photo credit: Today is a good day via photopin cc