The 2014 Drought

Every year California suffers a drought. It is a condition, that Californians must weather every Spring through Fall. “CONSERVE WATER!”  signs scream at you in town and your neighborhood. Lecturing you about wasting water and how you can cut your water usage by 50%.

I thought conserving water was something you just did every day. Drought or no drought. Silly me.

The local papers are interviewing State and County officials about how they are approaching a plan to relieve the situation. These ‘plans’ suck.  We have heard them (every year) debate a rationing plan, that is not actually putting restrictions on water, but rather charging  water users 3x what they pay now.  A ridiculous threat because we need water not money.

Do we plan on buying water with that money?  Who would we buy water from?  Not Southern California, or parts of Arizona and Nevada, because we send them water. Why? Northern California has been in a drought for many years according to our State Officials.

I took these 2 pictures of the Stanislaus River, from Parrots Ferry Road. The change in water level shows that this drought is real, and not State Officials crying wolf.

Photo Taken August 2012
Photo Taken August 2014

We need rain and snow. Sure, we had some last year, but it was not enough to catch us up from 2-years of light winters.

My idea is to go to the Mi-wok Indian community and ask them to teach us how to do an authentic rain dance.


STOP  laughing


GET  dancing, people!

We can do this!