Well, Thank Goodness THAT is Over!

49er-logoI’m not sure WHAT happened, but I wanted to watch football this afternoon. Instead, there were more yellow flags on the field than players. Mistakes, turn-overs, missed field goals, and chaos were going on in the 49er’s Levi’s Stadium. I’m sorry to say that it was 49ers causing 95% percent of the mess. The ^&@**@! Bronco’s were too busy scoring points to bother with more than 5%.

Do the “new guys” need a lot more training? Probably. But this loss was not their fault. They played damn good football. The  ^&@**@!  Bronco’s played just a smidgen better, and maybe even a little dirtier.  Or was it that the 49er’s hearts were broken, in the first quarter? When in their first game played in their fabulous new stadium, those ^&@**@!  Bronco’s made the first score?   I believe that could have a huge impact on any teams moral.  And each following score only deepening the wound.

In pre-season coaches are supposed to give the new guys experience, work on lessening their mistakes. Shit happens and you get beaten down. You learn from that and charge right into the playoffs later that season…

You probably have guessed I am a ’49er Faithful’, so of course I support them. No matter what.

The last time I saw such a beating, was…  uh…


OH YES!   The Super Bowl.   Remember those Sea-Hawks, Peyton?   I bet you do.  As we shall remember this day.

And to our competitors across the Bay in Oakland, you can stop laughing now. Congrats on your win on Thursday, BTW. At least all the crap was happening on our field, instead of in the stands at your home games.  [It simply had to be said]

And while I’m at it, I should tell you how I really feel about Cheese Heads, Terrible Towels, and  &$%*^*!  Denver.  But there are not enough ‘special characters’ in my font library.  I hide my feelings when around family members, many of whom are die-hard fans of other NFL teams.  But I can tell you, my dear readers, because my non-49er-fan relatives don’t even read my blog. That alone makes them suspect, if you know what I mean.

I ♥ My 49ers