The Simple Solution to Our Drought

Well, gang – I researched my our drought solution. It is surprisingly easy, too!  I was imagining some complicated intense ceremony, and some Tribes may indeed practice those, but this is what I found the most, during my quest.


How To Perform a Native American Rain Dance

Step 1:Wear turquoise and feathers, if you have any. Many Native American tribes associate turquoise with rain and feathers with the wind. Put on any turquoise-colored clothing that you may have and turquoise jewelry. If you have access to any bird or decorative feathers, place a couple in your hair or secure them to a hat and wear them during the rain dance.

Step 2: Find an outdoor space where you have plenty of room to move around. Choose a space that has sparse or no tree cover so that you have a clear view of the sky. The terrain of the space you choose should be relatively flat, which will make it easier to do the rain dance.

Step 3: Spin around in circles. Begin spinning clockwise at a slow and steady pace. Chant your own simple rain chant as you spin. Your chant can be something as simple as the word “rain” repeated over and over or an entire phrase, such as “Come down rain.” Raise your hands to the sky occasionally to urge the rain to fall. A steady drum rhythm would be ideal, but not required.

Step 4: Speed up your spinning and chanting. The longer you spin and chant, the faster you should spin and chant. [Author’s note: If  spinning concerns you, take Dramamine an hour before dancing.] Close your eyes as you dance and breathe in deeply between chants. When you want to end the dance, drop to your knees in silence. Stay on your knees until any dizziness you feel goes away and you can regain your balance.

Even I, here in a mountainous forest, have an open flat surface in front of my house. It could contain 10 dancers, so I wouldn’t have to dance by myself.  Now I only need to  bribe  recruit more people!

Californians-> Please pass the word to your friends & neighbors. Start a rain-dancers group that meets during lunch-hour. Teach others, especially children who love to dance and chant naturally. Teachers could make this a physical education opportunity, now that schools are back in session. If you have a fabulous idea you would like to share PLEASE leave a comment below, we need to stick together  🙂

Dancing Tomato

It is time we turn off our phones and TV’s, and commune with nature!

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  1. I wonder if I can dance here with the intention of it working elsewhere? We have enough rain up here.


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