Tid Bits & Giggles – Thursday

Sorry, I’m late today.

PhoenixGrin  I try to get Tid Bits & Giggles out in the early morning to start y’all with a smile on your face. Friday’s bring us all smiles, so I try not to “waste” a good giggle on Friday. Most of you will be reading this Friday morning, so I suppose you will be the happiest people of all.  😉

It’s been a long week and it will be an even longer weekend because I must finish a task, and distribute reports to our chairwomen this coming Monday.  So far the progress I’m making has been like this: PenguinPush

Please feel free to send me a tidbit or giggle – I will be needing some!

I was on the road half the day today, so I was reading all kinds of signs, and it reminded me that I have photos of some cool ones!

You will only see this sort of thing in Maine!

This doormat was on our porch for years!Doormat





My favorites (and the ones hubby would not let me put outside):
Funny Doormat



I really wanted this one (below) in front of my office door at work!!
Rude Doormat

I hope you at least got a smile out of this post!


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