And To Think I Signed Up For This – Again.

Not Our Puppy
Not Our Puppy (as far as we know)

It’s not like I didn’t know better, because I have raised a Bernese Mountain Dog from a puppy before. The good, the bad, the irritating, annoying gambit of living with a dog, especially the baby ones.

And yet – hubby and I put a deposit down, on a little female, who lives a 5-hour drive away, that we haven’t even met yet. The breeder keeps forgetting to email us a photo, so we don’t know what she looks like either. Even more ridiculous than that, I don’t know how much it costs to adopt her. Because I am afraid to ask.

No, I am not attempting humor. This is the truth.  Before you think I have completely lost it, in my defense, I have spoken at length with Barbara and she knows her stuff, and she knows a very reputable breeder in Grass Valley. In fact, she began her lineage with dogs from Bobbie, who we met, along with her gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dogs.

You pay $1,500 to $3,000, because Bernese puppies are in high demand. You understand there will be the cost of feeding, and housing them.  You know that Vet bills for vaccinations, spaying, check-ups, etc. are a regular expense.  Don’t forget, you must enroll them into Obedience School. I haven’t crunched the exact numbers, but I believe that having a dog is more expensive than having a child.

So, why do it?   Stay tuned and you will learn something about Bernese and dogs in general. Then you should be able to answer the question yourself.



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3 thoughts on “And To Think I Signed Up For This – Again.

  1. Niecepup? How about “my furry niece”?
    Anyway, yes, I know the negatives very well. But the positives are so overwhelming. Once you go Bernese you can’t go back


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