Is Your Puppy Taller Than You Thought?

I’m sorry if I have disappointed these past few weeks. No posts because other things keep popping up and there are only 24-hours a day. I have no new photos either, because, well…

My puppy is taller than I thought.

It’s like Ziva’s legs grow a 1/2 inch a day.  Last week only her nose came up to the patio table. This week she can see what is on the table, and pluck it right off.


Unfortunately, my new camera, was too close to the edge of our patio table. And when Ziva got to be uncontrollable (every evening around 5:00pm) she was sent outside. To her delight, there was a shiny silver box to snatch off the table to gnaw on and toss about.  And since it was dark out there I failed to notice anything amiss.

Hubby found it the next morning. He was not happy with either Ziva or myself. The limited warranty did not include puppy destruction, much to my dismay.

Being his sweet, forgiving (and handsome) self – he bought me a new camera, again. It is sitting under my computer monitor, right in front of my face.  When I have read the user manual – I have to download the PDF of course, manufacturers are too cheap to send you a real one – I can then set up the multitude of settings. Then, maybe I will be able to take some photos.  Sheesh!

I will tuck my nifty new camera inside a drawer where we keep cameras. It will be safe there.

Until puppy learns how to pull open drawers.  😉



4 thoughts on “Is Your Puppy Taller Than You Thought?

  1. I think they instinctively know to use there mouths to open drawers, or else how would they have gotten my new socks all over the floor?


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