It Was Me. I Let the Dog In!

Oh Dear.
I thought the rusty colored soil and pine tree sap were bad enough. Then, puppy began shedding.  My mostly BLACK puppy. Every tail wag or movement leaves clumps of fur. When she scratches herself, tufts of fine hair float away from her. I now get what they mean by the term “the fur’s flying”.

It is not the fur itself that bothers me. Y’all know I’m a dog-lover, right? I’ve had a BMD before, so I know about fur. However, we had wooden floors with some rugs when we had BMD #1.  With BMD #2 we have light beige carpeting.

As you can see, the non-vacuumed carpet is covered with tufts of fur. The fact that I brush her everyday, getting fist sized fur-balls off of her, matters not.  Two days after vacuuming, the lower half of the photo matches the top part. TWO DAYS!  Add the fur-bunnies that move around in the kitchen when you walk and you have the “Worst Housekeeper Award” all sewed up. I don’t believe our town gives out that award because I would already have one if they did.

Hubby reminds me that she is my puppy and I promised to clean up after her. I understand completely and I comply.  The only problem is the issue about the vacuum cleaner itself.  If you are a fairly new reader, you may not know about “Big Yellow“. I urge you to follow the link and find out about this aggravation I did not need, and is still a source of bitterness that Ben could be proud of, 3-years later!

Jodi Lea