It’s Official – I Have Arrived

Ziva-HowlingLast week I was going crazy. This week I am HERE.

At first, I refused to think about how much I had going on. Secondly, I continued down the river (you know, de Nile) until I got here.  PANIC should arrive anytime now.

Oh, what have I put on my to-do list…

Board Secretary for Quilter’s Guild for the past few years. A lot of time consuming things, but not a bad position. I heard a rumor that someone else would be taking over as secretary in 2017.   Just wait, they’ll nominate me for President, or some crazy idea. It is an election year – Ha!

I am also the Webmistress for the Quilt Guild.  Write blog posts, take photos, yada, yada. I have tried to get others to contribute ideas or posts, to no avail. I suspect they do not read it.  [Pout]

Speaking about not reading – my novel is being sorely neglected. To make matters worse, I can’t decide on the ending. My next novel should take less time because I have learned to stick to the outline!  A comprehensive outline, that I put together BEFORE I start in.

Then, a couple of weeks ago – the final factor in my arriving at crazy – I decide to “do” Mary Kay because I absolutely love the products and have been a customer for many years and it just made sense.

Now I have inventory, business cards, customer catalogs, and a Website customers can order from me 24/7.  I have already had people contacting me on my website!

Because I had no spare time before becoming an “Independent Beauty Consultant”, I have no time to hit the local businesses and ask them to allow me to put a small Mary Kay “contest” display  at their business. I have no time to set up appointments to have parties to demo products, and make contacts  for future sales. But the beauty of this opportunity is that for now I can shop for myself with amazing discount benefits and I have no quotas I have to make.

Hey! It sounded like such fun.

Why have I done this to myself, you ask.

Well, don’t ask me!  I have gone crazy, remember?

♥  TTFN  ♥

Oh yes,  and please visit my Mary Kay website and shop around!  🙂