Movie Review: The Visit 

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For a person with a cold, I had a busy day. I made a maple leaf block (for a quilt). I did some laundry. Washed dishes. Tried to organize my office, but got frustrated and decided to watch a movie instead.

I should have watched ‘Magic Mike XXL’ for the fifth time, but instead I chose what I thought was a mystery/comedy – WRONG! It scared the BeJeeBies out of me, but my stuffy nose cleared up for an hour. It worked better than the vaporizer. It is an M. Night Shyamalan film – I normally LOVE his films. So why did this one disturb me so much?

I’m a grandma and it freaked me out so much that 3 days later I still have images in my brain that pop up front when they want to.

Hansel & Gretel meets Psycho would be a more accurate title. There was even a scene in there where grandma wants the girl to climb into the oven to clean the back part that she could not reach. Talk about tension! Then nothing happened. Equally disturbing because the second time she got the girl in the oven, grandma shut the door. Then opened it. Immediately. This should have allowed a “Whew!” of relief, but it didn’t.

My dog was mesmerized. The spooky music caught her attention and when the screams increased in volume and number, she asked to go outside. I always suspected she was smarter than I, and I think this proves it, because I continued to watch, amazed that the previews had fooled me so. Maybe I should stop fast forwarding through advertisements…

As an author, I admired the sudden twist towards the end of the film. Bravo, Mr. Shyamalan!

I have 2 rules about M. Night Shyamalan films:

  1. Watch them during the DAY
  2. Do NOT watch them at night

Thank Goodness there were no clown sightings in this film.

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