Is It Us?

“This year sucks!”

Those are the words I said to hubby last night. Not in a whining and rantfull* way, but as a statement of fact.

“Yup”  He was in complete agreement because, after all, he has lived through this year along with me.

For those of you who are gluttons for punishment read my blog  anditsstillsnowingregularly (thank you, thank you!) you might be familiar with this year’s saga’s so far. (My life is a long series of them.) It doesn’t matter if you don’t know about the cold that won’t die or being powerless for 4 days and 3 nights. This is a separate saga, simply adding itself to our already ridiculous year.


Hubby was out shoveling snow when a man came up and presented him with a notice. The man, who is from the local water company, explained that the town’s water tower had major damage and everyone in our subdivision would not have fresh water until it was repaired in two or three days.

The notice was one I never saw before. A “BOIL WATER NOTICE”. What did this mean? Well – before using our tap water we must boil it for an entire minute. Our water pressure was nearly zero and we were nervous about using ANY water, boiled or not, because we wanted to be able to flush toilets when necessary.

We warmed leftovers for dinner that did not require water. We brushed our teeth with bottled water we happened to have in the pantry. That was easy enough.

The next day …

Do we dump out yesterday morning’s water from the coffee maker? It was filled before the notice came. Could we trust yesterday’s water and have 1/2 cup of coffee, while we wait for newly boiled water to cool enough to refill said coffee maker?

No showers this morning. Had to boil water to wash my face. Do I use make up? My face would take more soap and water to clean later if I did. I put it on anyway, because I figure I could also wear it tomorrow with a little touch up and therefore save water.  I needed the pick-me-up!

So, we went to town for groceries and to pick up a 2 for one gallon of purified water at our local market, who was supposed to get reimbursed by the water company. However, el cheapo utility, pulled back the offer before the store even opened, telling them the water problem had been fixed and water was back on.

What they neglected to tell the store was that although we had water, it was still contaminated and you had to boil everything until they tested and gave the “OK”.

We checked the water company’s website and found out that the next day they were going to turn off our water from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm to make the final fixes. However, the BOIL WATER notice would remain in effect until all the mandatory testing was completed and all water was clean.

Then, we will be told how to flush out our household pipes until the water runs clear.


♥ TTFN ♥



* rantfull [r ant’ full] adj.  A situation that causes a person to be fed up and need to “rant and rave”.  From The Dictionary of Words That Should Be.