Who Put the ‘Luke’ in Lukewarm?

I have a cousin Luke. It was not him. The man is anything but lukewarm, in fact, if you search for the opposite of lukewarm, it would be him.

Lukewarm, [loo’ k war’ em] adjective, Lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm, or involvement.
Antonym: Luke (a.k.a. Jodi’s cousin, also on occasion:  Ifthen Aka-Yuke Yabradda ). Don’t ask me to explain that one.

Origin: From Middle English luke, leuke, lewke (“lukewarm, tepid”), from an unexplained variant or extension of Middle English lewe (“warm, lukewarm, tepid”).

They lost me at “Middle English.” Is that what they speak in Middle Earth?
I’m only writing about the word “lukewarm” because it is today’s Daily Prompt at WordPress and it made me think about my cousin and his lovely family, which recently increased by one last month when Eloïse arrived and added another female to Luke’s household.
If my dear old dad was alive, he would probably have a word or two of advice for Luke. Dad was also a father of two daughters, and being his first daughter, I can make an educated guess at what he probably would tell my cousin.
“Small girls are the best! They believe every word their daddy says, even the tallest of tales. They spook easily, especially at night when their shutters are open and suddenly a face appears next to the window with a loud evil laugh, “bwahahahaha”.
“Then, before you realize it, they begin scaring you. They are not even trying to, and that is the scariest thing about it.”
“Good luck, kiddo!”
Or something like that.
♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥