Little 49er FanFootball as we had gotten used to it – is OVER.  It’s time we see teams, other than the usual suspects, achieve greatness.

Yes, I know Kansas City won. What surprised me the most was how I did not feel upset about that.  I was still enjoying the fact that WE WERE THERE.

Only 2 teams go to the Super Bowl and the 49ers was one of them.  The other team?  NOT the Patriots. NOT the Seahawks, Not the Saints, or Green Bay, or the Los Angeles whoever.

Both teams spent years rebuilding, rehabilitating and perfecting.  The 49ers & the Chiefs earned the right to be in Miami this year.  Their faithful fans have earned the right to be excited, hyper, and extremely LOUD.

And that was just at my house.

♥  Can’t wait for next season!  ♥ 

FYI: The young niner fan pictured above is now 9-years old and plays for the Junior Miners, a youth team sponsored by Nevada Union High School, Grass Valley, CA