Under Construction

You may have noticed weirdness here at JodiLeasPlace.  Not the usual weirdness, that is my brain, but technical changes, design & color changes. 
Since I have my own domain now – jodileasplace.blog, it is time to reinvent and decorate the place.  

The plan is to make things more readable, and aesthetically pleasing.  In other words: cooler than before.  And, I need a mental break between finishing one novel and choosing one of the 3 I found waiting in my filing cabinet to work on. All three are worth a second go.  The dilemma I have is – I really want to start Something Incredibly Different. 

Tomorrow is April 1st and Camp NaNoWriMo.  I know that the best course for me is to work on a thorough outline so I can stay on track with the story. Taking nine years to finish the last novel has taught me that -Ha!  Do I outline one of the filed 3 and play it safe OR do I jump out of my comfort zone and go for it?

Please, faithful Reader, help me out here!  Send me your professional opinion via the comment section!  

♥  TTFN  ♥

BTW: No rodents were harmed in the designing of the blog header.