Monday, Monday

Here I am, retired & graduated, and still not liking Mondays.
What the heck!?!

I just assumed Monday’s were yucky because the work and school weeks were starting up.  They aren’t, for me anyway, so what gives?

I was never ready for Monday.  I knew it was coming up, right after Sunday. Still, the alarm goes off and I am not in any kind of state of mind to begin a new week.

Today is no exception.  Although our carpets are being cleaned as we speak – this throws off the logistics and organization of the household. The temperature is over 100 degrees. This is great for drying carpet and not so great for the canine and her humans.  Our solar panels are pumping out so many watts that our meter is going backward.  Now THAT is pretty darn great – until the power company shuts off our power grid due to wind/lightning/fire danger or just for grins.  

Things are about to get interesting.

For a Monday.