Spring Cleaning – The Theory

I am excited this year to get into the Spring Cleaning! Why? Because when I am 3-weeks from my 2nd vaccine, I will have family visit. I don’t know about you, but after no guests for over a year, my guest rooms do not have any room for anything else, especially guests.

The left one is a sewing and craft storage room, that must be organized to make more sense to me – that one will take a a lot of time.

The Room on the Left

The room on the right is completely covered with empty boxes. I save the good sturdy boxes in case I need to send packages. Okay, so I have hoarder tendencies. Another thing to blame on the ‘lobotomy.’

The Room on the Right

I will spend this afternoon preparing for the domestic chores that need doing and plan one thing to spring clean. The “one thing” is not a complete room or big job like cleaning the carpet. An in-depth cleaning of a room means, ceiling to floor, so that room gets broken up into a whole week, with something done each day. I know this is the most efficient way to do it. I have yet to actually do this, but I know it makes the most sense.

Seriously. I am going to do my best to keep this plan, unlike last spring (I did nothing when the COVID lockdown happened), and the year before, I attempted to do the kitchen in one day and after that fiasco, I never resumed spring cleaning the other rooms. To me, Spring Cleaning is the cleaning that is not done on a normal basis. When I was a young, single mom, I could take apart my kitchen, scrub, and put it back together – on my own time. I did not have to use the kitchen if I did not want to. My apartment was in a large town, so I had plenty of options for take-out. No complaints from my daughter either. What four year old doesn’t like junk food?

But I digress. The Kitchen is the room with the most need. Bruce did his part by vacuuming on top of the cabinets, (a.k.a. knocking the dust bunnies up there down to where I can reach them.) It will take me all day to wash the solid oak cupboards and drawer faces with warm Murphy’s Oil Soap & water – to get the dust build up off there and nourish the wood. I (and they also) will feel so much better.

I will let you know if I have success implementing my theory…