Rescue Mission

Domestic Friday for this week is to work on the Spring Cleaning List. (What!? That again!?!) However, because it’s on my mind so much, I may have to read the 2019 version of my novel I found while looking through a back up drive last night – OR perhaps I should find an earlier copy to make sure I had not begun ruining it yet.

By ruining, I mean editing it in a hurry to finish it. Very BAD idea and an even stupider decision making process. All that work and willy nilly edits. Ruined. If I find an earlier copy – one that is pure in story, research, and character, I promise not to ruin it. Who am I making this promise to?

Myself and my main character, who is still not happy with me. She knows how I ruined her story and she is causing me twinges of guilt. I am also receiving random glimpses into her thoughts, that I should be writing down so I don't forget them because, after all, that is the purpose of her story. I can't sit at the computer all day, but I can hunt down the right copy of her manuscript so I have it handy when I can.

Stay Tuned….