Mission Successful

Not only did I find the 2016 version of Mollie’s story, but my notes, research and all that went with it.

The Draft Book Cover

So, I am excited and raring to get going of course, but I will not. Not until I have an outline completely worked out. There will be no “on-the-fly” decisions this time. No deviations from the story. This outline will probably take some time, and so it should – it is the blueprint of my first novel. This do-over is going to feel so great! I have had a year to let the story settle and the dust clear out. I am no longer sick and tired of it.

That being said, I will start by jotting down thoughts and ideas for the outline. But not tonight. I promised myself I would get my office under control so I can work in it again.

And there is that spring cleaning list looming over my head…