It’s Time To Recycle

I’m talking about old posts. ‘Jodi Lea’s Place’ has been in business since August of 2010. I was younger and quite zealous then. I moved in with my mom to help my little sister take care of her. Mom was bedridden and on hospice. I kept my current employment by working remotely for 1/2 days and using sick leave and vacation hours to fill in the other 1/2 of the day. When mom slept, I worked and wrote posts. The posts kept me from being hauled off to the loony bin.

Anyway, I am working on a new page titled “The Best of“. This page will have links to my most favorite posts from over the years.

For any new readers, this will give you a chance to “know me” better. For my (I won’t say old!) readers, this is a chance to search for your favorites.

I wrote a lot more posts per week, back then. So there are a bunch in the archives to choose from. They are most likely more fun to read than what my brain is coming up with these days. I would hate to lose readers because I am not funny or interesting anymore.

My goal is to post links of re-runs every week. Of course, you don’t have to wait for me to do anything. All posts are in the Archives listed by Month, on the sidebar.


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