Watching Dogs Poop

Let me explain.

My mother lives in a very nice neighborhood. From mom’s porch you can see the ocean (between the condos across the street).  If there isn’t any fog.  Sunrise and Sunsets are awesome along the Pacific Ocean’s horizon! I love to admire this view while I sip my coffee and smoke a cigarette. It has become my morning thing.


Almost every resident here has a dog (or two).  Because this neighborhood has ornate landscaping and no fences, these dogs take their people for a walk on a regular basis. I enjoy watching the diverse breeds of dogs that pass in and out of my view. There are several “regulars”, who are out and about every morning. A couple of Labs, a Golden Retriever in his golden years, a Scottie, two British Springer Spaniels, and quite a few of those little yap-dogs of obscure lineage. My favorite dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog, must not live in mom’s neighborhood. I only see him every couple months. I am sure they must need to go out more than that.


The condos  across the street have a strip of grass next to the sidewalk. Mom’s side of the street is a well landscaped hill, overlooking this sidewalk.  Dogs and their people must walk on that side, which is right smack in the middle of my view. Every dog must sniff around a few times on this patch of grass. Then, of course, they poop. They have to poop there because all the other dogs have done so, and it’s a canine imperative to poop upon the poop of others.

I didn’t really think much about it until the other morning when a friend called me and asked “What are you doing?”. Being the smart-ass that I am, I told her “Oh, not much. Just watching dogs poop.” It was then I realized that was exactly what I have been doing.

Every morning.



The dog’s people are well trained. The poop is scooped off the grass as soon as their dog moves on. Everyone accompanying a dog carries a plastic bag  for waste containment. The homeowner’s association rules are apparently followed around here.

I wonder if these people are always so conscientious. Do you think it has something to do with a woman watching from above, with a coffee and cigarette?