Things NOT on my Bucket List

Ever since that movie came out,  my friends have been thinking about what they would put on their lists. No one is actually writing these lists down on paper. At least not admitting they are, because after all, we are way too young to be thinking about that.

I have no clue what will be on my list. I do know, however, what will NOT be.

Bicycling down the Haleakala Volcano

Have you seen this?  If you think it looks scary while you watch it on Nat Geo, try being on the same road. There is only one road. It goes up the volcano. It goes down the volcano. The grade is about 5%. You coast from 10,028 ft to sea level in 38 miles. Seems simple. No peddling. Ha! A steep road is only half of the problem.  A twisted, two-lane road makes the trip horrifying. And I was in a car.

Curvy Road Ahead

Haleakala CruisersThe views are breathtaking.

I would not see them because all my focus would be on not crashing my bike into the 300 other tourists also biking down the volcano, being hit by one of the (sane) people driving their car, or coasting right off a cliff.

No Thank You.


Bungee Jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge

This is just wrong. This is just wrong!

Aside from being dangerous, this jump was probably  illegal.

Considering it is at night and there is just the couple present .

Hey, maybe he pushed her off the bridge and this is a homicide.

If you ever see me in this position – call the police!


Running with the Bulls

Don’t kid yourself.

Only the bulls are running with each other. People are running FROM the Bulls.


Do these guys look  like they are  having fun?  Even I am saner  than this.


Climb Mount Everest (or Kilimanjaro, or Fuji, etc.)

Just “because it is there”, are you kidding me?  Many things are “there” and I am not one bit tempted to climb them.  That reason to climb a mountain is ridiculous!

The only climbing I want to do is the stairs – when I have to, in order to be where I want to be. Like my daughter’s house. The 2nd story of the mall. My doctor’s office. That kind of climbing.

NOT this…

Mt. Everet ClimbersHanging Out


My 15-minutes of fame

For me, any recognition from the media would be embarrassing or damaging to my self-esteem.  People who knew me would not be awed or jealous of my fame.

Outdoor Plumbing

They would roll their eyes and say, “That’s Jodi, alright!”

So, who needs that?