Then and Now

Before After

1985                                            2009

How in the Hell did this happen?

Wasn’t I just standing with my best friend, her car all packed and ready to go off to Woman’s Weekend, impatiently waiting for her husband to take the photo, so we could run away from home?  In 1985 I was a single mother. Little did I know that It would be a year before I would meet the love of my life, change my career path, catch chicken pox from my daughter and nearly die.

Now I have been married to the love of my life for 22 years.  I went back to school for a degree and graduated the same year my daughter graduated from high school. That was weird!  Made 2 more career changes, 3 years later became a grandmother, and 3 years after that I was diagnosed with diabetes days before slipping into a coma.  Of course there was a ton of other stuff in between – but this is not my autobiography…

Mentally I am 25 years old. A glimpse of my reflection startles me now. Who is that old woman ? Oh yeah, it’s me. Bummer. Just when I start to feel like I am getting a handle on life it’s half over.

What has brought on this melancholy tonight? I think I had a hot flash. I’m not sure if that is what happened. All I know is, I was hot. It felt like a fever without being sick. Part of me thinks OMG! The other part of me is thrilled – maybe this signals the end of 15 years of pre-menopausal HELL.

I have many questions these days. For example, is it just me, or do police officers look like they should be in high school instead of patrolling the streets? How do people with piercings pass through airport security? Don’t teens know that tattoos are permanent? Will somebody teach my hubby how to text, so I can have someone to sext?

Do I have to buy a red hat now?