If Crocheting Was Exercise, I Would Be Fit


Novelty YarnPackages of Yarn I would be very fit. And I could justify my yarn addiction to my husband who really loves it when I’m fit.

Instead of working out in a gym, I sit comfortably at home while I work out.  Even catch up on my soaps. My best girlfriend, who is also a yarn addict, sometimes comes over on the weekend and we chat while we work out.  Life is good all around.

Working with yarn is therapy for me, it helps me stay mentally fit. So far knitting has not replaced my meds, but I haven’t killed anyone, and many babies and friends have nice hand-made blankets, hats and scarves.

I actually get a rush when I’m in the yarn section at Micheal’s. Wal-Mart has a good selection of yarn too. [Don’t waste your time looking in Richards, Target and CVS. They don’t carry any.]

When I gathered up my “left-overs” from past yarn projects over the years, I filled up two huge plastic comforter protectors. I took them down to my mom’s with me to keep me sane. I made 5 blankets and my sister made 2. There is half a bag remaining. I am so proud that I controlled myself and only bought yarn twice to piece together 2 granny square quilts. I think I have 2 more baby blankets worth of yarn left. I’ll keep you posted!

BTW If you have easy patterns (beginner level) for cool baby stuff, please share! I am pretty sick of the ones I’ve been using.

Thanks!  😉

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