If I Could Live Anywhere


Caribbean Beach

Topic #81 – finish an old draft. OK, I will finish Topic #69: “If you could work from anywhere, where would you live?”

That’s easy! Grenada.

That island has the best beaches and tropical weather in the South Caribbean. My house would be on a secluded beach, I don’t remember it’s name, but it was far away from tourists and as perfect as a post card. Of course my little beach house is equipped with 5G wireless Internet service so I can telecommute, post blogs and do serious research for my novel(s).

Sigh…  It could happen if I hit the Mega Million Jackpot. I would buy my little beach house and furnish it all tropical-but-girly. I would sunbathe in the early morning while I drank my coffee and read the newspaper. After breakfast I would write in my comfy office with the ocean view.

If I don’t hit the Jackpot, I will have to save up for a vacation in Grenada and spend the rest of my life in the mountains with the man of my dreams.

I can live with that.