Ranting for Health

Topic #98: Write a rant about the pointlessness of ranting.


Sorry, but ranting not only HAS A POINT, but it’s good for you. [Scott’s turn to say WHAT???  here]  I’m not talking about bitching or whining, which are often pointless, but the true & righteous ranting that comes from your soul.

Ranting is not for wishy-washy types. Rants are passionate expressions of the ranter’s response to frustration, anger, adversity, fear, jealousies – caused by something or someone else.  We don’t rant about positive emotions, we “proclaim” and “announce” those things. Rants are about the darker side of life. Not that a good rant is depressing. Often the best rants are humorous ones because most of us can relate to them.

Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller makes ranting an art form

How are rants healthy? They benefit both the ranter and the rantee. The ranter vents off steam, decreasing stress.  By listening and relating, the rantee is a participant – a co-ranter, if you will. They rant vicariously and laugh at the things that annoy them. This causes those happy endorphins to appear.

Everyone knows that Laughter is the Best Medicine. So rant away! Rant to your friends, your family, readers of your blog. Go ahead – make someones day.  🙂

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