Let The Season Begin!!

  🙂  Tonight at 5:00pm (PT) opens the San Francisco 49ers 2011 preseason. 🙂

I get into preseason because I can check out the new players. Not to mention the brand new coaches.  I never thought there was anything wrong with the last two, in fact I loved Coach Singletary ever since he called Vernon Davis on his crap and helped mold him from a good player, into a great player. Sigh…

Coach Harbaugh has to prove himself this season, so I hope he listens to me. Every year the 49ers have been firing and hiring QB’s. We have had great QBs come and go and still we lose. What we need is a kick-ass offensive line, so the QBs actually have 10 seconds to get the ball where it needs to go. Let’s shell out some bucks and bring in some ass-kickers for a change.

You know I’m right.

GO 49ers!!