Call a Whaaa…mbulance!

Coach Harbaugh
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Gee, wasn’t that fun? Coach Harbaugh isn’t having any fun looking at the score board. The second half I started fast-forwarding through the re-plays, because the first time was painful enough. (I pause the live game about 1/2 hour so I can zip through the commercials that pop up every 2-3 plays.)

I think I may have pushed the “Mute” button more than the “>>” button during the game tonight. The network had to show each play over again, so the commentators could keep pontificating about they just saw. Don’t they realize we are watching the same game??

And who had the bright idea to schedule the 49ers first game in New Orleans? Some NFL executive with a grudge? The sad thing is that the team played well. As well as you can play during a major ass-kicking, that is. Alex Smith is probably used to it, but poor Colin Kaepernick! What an eye-opening night it was for him I bet.

I mourned the loss of Joe Nedney. You know I have a soft spot for kickers. That and Joe was often the only one to put points on the board. But tonight I fell in love with our new kicker, David Akers. Who happened to be the only 49er to put points on the board. Hmmm… I sense a pattern  here. Or maybe a curse.

Is it me or do we only have 2 offensive linemen? There were at least 5 Saints getting past the two of them. And sacking is too delicate of a word to describe what happened to our QB’s.

I just know I’m going to have nightmares tonight.