49er’s Squeak By Eagles

4th week of the NFL and I am exhausted. My 49er’s are 3-1 (Yeah!!) after beating the Eagles today –  by 1 little point.

I had to take aspirin and a nap after the game because of my Force induced headache. My fingernails are chewed up and the inside of my right cheek is gnawed raw. The TMJ is beginning to add to the misery. I just don’t handle game day stress like I used to.

What is a Force induced headache? It’s when you concentrate with every ounce of your being, to will the play(s) to go your teams way. I had to use the Force a lot today. It paid off in the last half of the game when we  got our Mo-Jo going, and took the game back. Whew! That one was too, too close.

I don’t really believe that I can influence the game.  I also don’t believe that I help 737’s overcome gravity and gain altitude. And I certainly do not believe that using the Force, crossing my fingers and chanting “please, please, please” will fix the computer system I’m working on.

But then, why take any chances?