Abnormal Greetings

DoormatFunny or Rude?

We have had this mat on our front porch for years. It cracked us up because we had a very large and ferocious sounding dog. Molly has been gone almost 2 years now and the joke has worn thin.

So, I’m in the market for a new porch greeting. Those who know me, also know that not any old welcome mat will do. It has to involve some type of amusement for me. It must have an impact on those that ring the doorbell – or why bother?

The perfect greeting has not yet been discovered in a sales catalog, or retail store I shop in. However, I did come across two mats that are exactly the kind I am looking for:

Funny DoormatFunny or Rude?

Not only funny for me, but most likely for any visitors (besides cops) who happen to approach the door.

Rude Doormat

Funny or Rude?

Hilarious for me. Possibly for the visitor also – who knows what kind of sense of humor they will have? (My mom and dad would have loved it!)

If y’all could help me out in my quest for the perfect  greeting – please tell me where I should look, or send me a photo of your doormat if you think it’s perfectly abnormal  😉

Thanks in advance!

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