Not a Good Day

Pissed Off GorillaIf we morphed into creatures representative of our moods, this was me yesterday. The gal above lingers a bit today, but she’s not so large or angry. Hopefully she doesn’t smell as bad either.

I drive to work on a dark country road. At 5:00am all roads are dark, but this one has very few street lights. Suddenly, a  cat appears in my headlights and then I hit it. A very sickening Thud and a bump.

My first thought was “I hope that wasn’t somebody’s kitty“. The next thought was “Oh crap! That was a black cat“. I’m not a superstitious person, so I wasn’t afraid of bad luck  following me. For the most part.

Oh, but it did. And it was not even a black cat. It used to be a small skunk.

The smell has somewhat lessened over night. I think. I’m not sure because I have a cold and my sense of smell is obviously impaired. I was thinking that I blew all the skunk off the car when I drove home. Then, hubby got home and he was coughing and gagging after stepping out into the driveway.

I tossed the super-duper, turbo air conditioning container (from the bathroom) into my car and closed all the windows, but it was no match for the skunk-mobile.

The perfume I have in my office drawer should help some. I plan on staying in my office and rescheduling my meetings anyway.