Organize Smorganize

I fantasize about living in a house that has a place for everything, and everything in its place. I know it can be done, I’ve seen it on TV and even in a co-worker’s office. My office is nearly as bad as my house. In both cases I have too much crap many things and not enough room to store them in.

This will not be the case at our new house. We made sure that there was plenty of storage, both inside and outside. Not that we need the room now. There is nothing in the house yet except some things for my office bookshelves. Which are in boxes because the book shelf is TBD.

I have my sweet new dishes, bowls & matching mugs in my new kitchen. You guessed it – they are in boxes. I can’t wait to put them away in my new cupboards. I want to skip the hard part and go directly to the fun stuff like decorating, buying furniture, a desk and organize everything into its place.

But first I must organize the house we are living in, which we will sell soon, God willing. 24 years of living in a house (with a pack rat no less), means you have a lot of crap  things to weed through and make decisions about. I HATE making decisions. I have started going through things I  we don’t want and putting them in different boxes. One box is for the Vets to pick up. One box is for garage sale items. Even though I won’t decide to have a garage sale until there are things we want to get rid of that we think people will pay money for, there is a place to put them.

Junk waiting to be sorted  Organizing looks very much like a mess, while it is being done. It also takes up twice the space when stuff is separated and spread out. This is how we have been living. We are so accustomed to the disaster that is our home, we forget that people who don’t live here might find this  uncomfortable.  Get over it.  Be happy you don’t live here.

Another box is for the crap  stuff  the kids left in their rooms. They all have been warned. We are NOT moving  your abandoned crap  stuff from your childhood up to the mountains. So sorry. Yes, we know you don’t have room for it because we never did either. We feel your pain.

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