Unscientific Studies

News story seen in local newspaper:

“A Stanford University* study reveals that among freshmen, the ones who attended parties throughout the week, consistently had lower grade averages than the freshman who stayed in the dorm more.”

Wow. I am stunned.

Not at these results, but the fact that time and money were wasted on a “study” to find out something that anyone with common sense already knows to be a fact.  Let me guess – a Stanford freshman needed to do a research study and this one sounded easy (and fun) to do. I hope this same student has to do real research for their Master’s thesis. I mean they’re graduating from F&$#!!! Stanford!

Sorry for the outburst. This is one of my biggest peeves. Either do research or not. Don’t bother me with “studies” you probably made up – or as my Dad would say, “pulled out of your ass”.

And what about the Graduate student who approved this “study”- where is he/she throughout the week? At the movies, studying popcorn?…

Just sayin’


*  Disclaimer: I have nothing but the highest respect for  Stanford University, its educational programs, students,  hospital, or research. Just poking at them in good fun.

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