This Could Be News….


In the United States people of every culture, race, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation, have the right to be proud and celebrate their heritage. Except for the white guys.

Flag Superimposed over Gravestones

While white women  belong to a recognized group (women), white men are completely ignored. There are no weeks or months reserved for White History.  What about Caucasian Heritage Month?  Google that and you get listing after listing of all the American Heritage Months, but with qualifiers like Black, Asian, Polish, Jewish, et. al. – everybody except Caucasians. 

Caucasian  middle-class, heterosexual men are fed up with being treated like unwanted step-children.  “Why does this country bend over backwards for any group that isn’t white?” asks Bill Painter, a successful electrician in Silicon Valley. ” Our government is so concerned about catering to every non-white ethnic group, and not offending anyone, that us white folks have become invisible. ”

The members of White Americans have put together a new Bill with the same name and are trying to find congressional support to propose the Bill to the Senate. Bob Painter has not gotten any local support, so his group will start branching out to other states. “No one in California has the balls to take this on,” Bob said. “And that’s a damn shame.”

Petitions are circulating and rapidly gathering signatures supporting the White Americans Bill. Later this month the White Americans will travel to the mid-western states where they plan to circulate petitions and meet with local government to present their case. White Americans have supporters that have staged low-key protest marches. They carry signs and chant slogans like “White doesn’t mean KKK”, and “We are not the bad guys”.


photo credit: Beverly & Pack via photopin cc