What Was In Drawer #2

Drawer #2 What a horrible let down…
Aside from old loan papers and family genealogy documents, drawer #2 was stuffed with woodworking patterns, clipped Handyman articles, project ideas. Man stuff. Everything hubby was saving  for later when he had spare time. To him, everything is a keeper, and if not, he just puts it back wherever he put it because he doesn’t want to deal with deciding whether to toss it, or file it somewhere.

When we first got married and moved in together, he brought boxes and boxes of  “I don’t know” to our new home. If he didn’t know, who did? The contents were unknown because he forgot what was in them 2 moves ago. I did not understand this. Twelve years these boxes just sat. Obviously, he can live without whatever is in there, right?  I say, give them to a charity and say good-bye. He ignored my advice.

A year or so later, the man actually opened these boxes, looked inside, then closed them back up. For another day?  This annoyed me to no end, but I was busy and I blew it off as one of his quirks. In our move last year those ‘I don’t know’ boxes did not come with us. Dozens of new hubby packed boxes did, but he had his shop to put them in. Out in shop, out of mind. At least mine.

Whoops, I got derailed, didn’t I?

Although boring, I was happy I had nothing else to organize or shred. Drawer #2 went back into the garage – labeled “Hubby’s Stuff”. I told him that the box only had his plans, patterns etc in it. This confused him. The items he thought were in drawer #2 – had not been there. You must have moved them, he tells me. Which, I know by now, translates to  ‘you lost them’.

They are not lost. They are in that box we haven’t found yet.

photo credit: jessamyn via photopin cc